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before the murder but it took awhile before investigators could piece it all together when owens was taken into custody june 30th police say she confessed. the way police describe it richard nam died a horrible death. owens cut him with a boxcutter beat him with a chain saw and used gasoline to set the place on fire. what were they fighting over? that is still unclear. >> we are still investigating exactly what that was all about so we cannot establish exactly what the dispute was over that is something we are trying to pinpoint at this time. >> prince georges county police charged owens june 30th but didn't announce the arrest until today that is her walking through the store the night of the murder. deputy chief kevin davis described the owner of the store as a pillar of the community. >> the circumstances surrounding this very brutal murder are shocking to the police, they are shocking to
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the community, mr. nam went out of his way by all accounts to assist the community in any way he could he was well known to customers, well known to fellow business ownerby all accounts was just a good partner in that community. >> john got to know him when he needed help with his own business in dc. >> the man is a really good person. good neighbor, good person and then now he is gone my heart is just really -- >> his family declined to comment on the arrest the the store has been boarded up since the april murder and fire 9 years ago richard nams cyst inner law was killed inside the -- sister-in-law was killed inside the store during a robbery. >> we charged them all convicted them all they are all serving life sentences. ashley owens has only been arrested once before in
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maryland on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges. those charges were dropped. >> prince georges county police say the investigation continues in this case but so far, owens is the only person facing charges. >> thank you. a new trial date set for red skin albert haines worth on charges he sexually assaulted a waitress at the w hotel bar he is accused of putting his credit card into her bra and fondling her in february he denies the chargerejected a deal to plead guilty on simple assault. the case will go to trial august 23rd the case carries a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and $1,000 fine. the trial started to da in the murder of a -- day in the murder of a man taking an early morning walk with his wife he was beat on the death on river side parkway march 2009 his wife spent months in the hospital with critical injuries. 20-year-old darwin bow enis being tried for murder in
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february, another man pleaded guilty to being the get away driver he was a retired cia agent. extreme heat reaching near the triple digits today, kids in dc hopped into the city pools to cool off it is a struggle to stay out to have heat expected to get even worst. sue, we are dealing with a rough couple days,. >> yes, we are laura we had heat over the weekend now humidity is back big time and temperature will go up tomorrow we want to give you an early warning we think tomorrow will be hotter than today. pools will sure be busy, check out dupont circle the thermometer saying 101 degrees we will be real close again tomorrow this is the kind of heat once again where you have to protect yourself and we do have a head advisory issued for tomorrow for triple digit heat. where are we now temperature 93 degrees, i do believe that we did get to about 94 degrees let's get this in motion for you so you can see it, look
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down to our south, 95 fredericks burg, a little bit of relief if you are near water today but when you factor in humidity, really off the charts feels like 116 degrees fredericks burg these are crazy numbers, 104 dc for the heat index, 105 monassis and 100 in annapolis. i mentioned the heat advisory it does not include far northern and western areas you may get a cloud deck and thunderstorms and speaking of thunderstorms, over to true view because we have a big complex of storms, that tracks through chicago causing 600,000 power outage, we have a severe thunder storm watch up toward west virginia, we will watch that line it may be in some of our western suburbs, 10, 11, certainly diving south and west and yeah, we are preparing for record breaking heat, certainly it will challenge records tomorrow laura, i will have a preview what you can expect the rest of this evening and talk
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about tomorrow's heat later. >> summer kicking in with a vengeance. >> see you soon. thanks. tonight, president obama is warning if democrats or republicans don't budge negotiators may not reach a deal to raise the debt celling. after the latest round of talks, despite the president's urging they are not guilty giving ground on taxing. >> reporter: the differences are clear on both sides, democrats want to raise revenue ending bush era tax breaks on the wealthy and some corporations while the gop says it wants deeper cuts in this federal budget these talks continued today as negotiators are trying to avoid that august 2nd debt line to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling the president says to day he believe as deal within made but won't sign a short term bill as a stop gap, republicans want to
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focus on a $2 trillion budget cut package and house speaker john boehner says democrats need to get serious if a deal will get done. >> no body has talked about increasing taxes now, no pod dihas talked about increasing taxes next year we have talked about starting in 2013, that we have gotten rid of some of these agregious loopholes that are benefiting corporate jet owners, oil companies at a time they are making billions in profits. >> i would agree with the president the national debt limit must be raised i am glad he made the case for it today but the american people will not accept in the house -- and the house cannot pass a bill that raises tax on job creators. >> so right there you hear some of the spin coming out of both sides democrats are saying they
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only want to raise taxes on the wealthy republicans avoiding that word all together saying these new taxes would be aimed at what they are calling job creators either way, this celling needs to get raised by august 2nd. of course, we kind of saw this coming down the pike here a little bit of deja vu from the fight just a short time ago. >> you are right if some of that sounds familiar it is because it is democrats republicans fought this out back at the end of last year, over that effort to fund the government through the remander oe end of both years they had a long battle over the bush tax cuts in exchange to keep the government funded democrats say pretty clear back them they wanted these bush era tax cuts to expire and it is a fight they have had before to allow the government to keep being funded but they kicked that can down the road we are down the road right now the and it has become front and center on this
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debate. now to a developing story out officiary, u.s. embassy in da has cast attacked, supporters of the syrian government broke windows, painted a graffiti on the building calling the american ambassador a dog. loyalists went after the french embassy in retaliation from french and american ambassadors last week the state department said it will officially condemn the attack. >> to make clear we consider the syrian government has not lived up to its obligations, under the vienna convention, to protect diplomatic facilities and it is outrageous. >> syrian loyalists believe the visit from american and french ambassadors beer feared with internal appear -- interfered with internal affairs and undermined stability. talking with troops in
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baghdad thanking them for service and putting pressure on iraqi leaders to stop attacks on u.s. forces there has been an increase on attacks of u.s. troops, using weapons supplied by iran. following new fall out in the uk phone hacking scandal allegations of more victims including a former prime minister, the latest on this next but first. >> less than two months before the move from walter reed to bethesda naval hospital coming up how one u.s. senator feels it will impact the neighbourhood. >> fox news at 5 is coming right back consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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we are continuing to follow breaking news i-270 remains shut down in both directions because of a natural gas leak you can see how the traffic has just piled up here, this gas leak happened right after 4:00 p.m., so a little while ago, montgomery fire crews, hit the 6-inch gas main. fire officials are canvassing to make sure everything is safe no word when the road will reopen commuters are being urged to seek alternate routes. the move right around the corner by september, walter reed army medical center will close its doors half of its
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employees most patients will be moving to bethesda, to the grounds of the national naval medical center making a bad situation worse. one member of maryland's congressional delegation has concerns but trying to ease the concerns of citizens sounds like a politician to me. karen grey houston. karen. >> reporter: brian, maryland senator took a tour of the national naval medical sent tore day as you can see construction connected to the base realignment and closure is unfinished it should be completed on time but will be a challenge to the community. >> getting back and forth from the naval hospital, across wisconsin avenue to the medical center metro station is already a challenge people are coping the best way they can with an eye to the future. >> i don't drive and i am a native new yorker, so it is going to be what it is going to be but they are on their way. >> with 2500 walter reed
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hospital employee60% of patients moving here, it will only get worse. >> still going to be significant grid lock in this area. >> he took a tour of the national naval center that already has 5,000 employees of its own and fisher house a temporary home to relative who is come to visit wounded warriors the good news he says is with the move from walter reed near months down the road, help is already on the way. >> we got direct funding under the access program that will bring money to this area to deal with the unique traffic problems of wisconsin avenue. >> but tell that to people who live nearby. right across the street from the military hospital. all they can think about is the expected traffic nightmare. >> because it is awful now, getting out on wisconsin avenue during rush hour traffic especially from 3 on it is terrible. >> a few blocks down the street
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at the 8,000 barbershop there were fewer complaints >> it will be great. yeah, great. >> why do you say that. >> going to be having a lot of business for us. >> he is less concerned about parking and traffic woes but for those who are, metro says it is on target for that pedestrian tunnel under wisconsin avenue plus a second entrance to the medical center station all funded through brat. now a spokesman for metro says that the transit authority is working aggressively with officials here many montgomery county on planning for the pedestrian tunnel brian. >> karen, tunnels -- i don't want to say the death now but almost impossible to get built these days and wouldn't hanover night. >> reporter: you can say that for sure folks at metro are not talking about a timeline when that thing will be completed they are saying they expect construction to start somewhere around the next year or so. >> is anybody offering up ideas
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how to deal with the traffic grid lock? they know it is coming. >> reporter: they say they are working aggressively also on that especially on safety issues involving pedestrians and people riding on bikes they are also looking for creative ways to encourage people to come to the hospital, when wisconsin avenue isn't so busy, like during the rush hour. so outside is when they get the tunnel built people are probably just going to have to sit in traffic and grin and bare it. >> heads up if you drive on canal road, crews have starletted working the east -- started working the eastbound lane, rehabbing a large water main there big back ups for you monday through friday 9:30 a.m., 3:30 p.m., they might occasionally do work between 9:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. as well that is scheduled to last through september 1st. developing story surrounding rupert murdoch and a cell phone hacking scandal at
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one of his newspapers it started with crime and terror attack victims phones and now there are reports prince charms and camilla's phones may have been -- charles and camilla's phones may have been hacked as well. these latest allegations has the british government putting a big media deal between murdoch news international and british satellite news organization on hold. >> the first thing i would say to mr. murdoch is drop the bid for bib he should recognize with a cloud of allegations swirling around news international make it completely untenable for this bid to go ahead and he must recognize that. >> we do tell you, that murdoch owns this station's parent company as well as several other media outlets including the wall street journal and new york post. a french writer who claims the former imf chief tried to
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rape her gave a statement to police today. tristan ban non-is the second person to accuse dominique strauss-kahn with sexual assault he is charged in new york with trying to rape a hotel made the french author claims he attacked her in 2003 but she just contacted police she said her mother a politician persuaded her not to make a complaint when this happened 8 years ago. funeral services held for a texas rangers fan who died last week after falling from the stands, 39-year-old shannon stone was at the ballpark with his son reaching for a baseball tossed to him by a player when he fell 20 feet to the ground and hit his head he was a firefighter, hundreds gathered to pay respects the rangers set up an account for donations to the family the team donated an undisclosed amount as well. >> how could this happen a stun gun found on a jet blue airplane how did et get through security. hot and humid now what is
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on tap tonight. your sneak peek at the forecast ♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more.
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federal investigators are trying to figure out how a stun gun made it on a jet blue airplane it was found in a seat back pocket by a cleaning crew. the fbi says it doesn't appear the stun gun was intended to be used in an attack passengers none the less are shocked. >> so surprising in today's day and age that post 9/11 that could happen i mean how could that -- how. i can't imagine getting anything through, hats off, belts off, everything that is amazing. >> investigators say right now they are focussing on how that stun gun got on to the plane. >> one business man certainly knows his way around airportaircrafts, tom just reached his 10 millionth mile flown on united airlines he is an automotive sales consultant
5:23 pm
who has taken almost 5700 flights the first by the way 10 million-mile flyer on united so one of the perks he gets, you saw it there he gets his name on the side of an airplane. lots of free trips with all those miles. >> yeah. >> which barely lovers it. kind of like your -- covers it. >> kind of like your rewards card. >> >> i don't know if it gets hotter or more humid. >> unpleasant to be outside feel sorry for those kids in camp today. >> that is the only consolation at least the pools are warm for kidswim team but tomorrow will be a day you will have to take it easy get some time in the air conditioning keep the liquids going middle of july or just about tomorrow will be a real steam bath around here and pretty steamy out there tonight we could get relief later and only for 1 or 2 spots check out viper we have quite the line of thunderstorms this is a big complex, it has been holding together since early this morning when it crossed is this
5:24 pm
i kago and they said -- chicago and they said chicago, looked like midnight a couple storms could be in the vicinity, around 11 or so. but your evening forecast, unfortunately still very steamy isolated storm possible i see a little shower weakening out warren on the and openle drop out of the -- opal, drop out of the 90s. about 9:00 p.m., overnight temperatures still in the 70s could be a record high minimum temperatures because you don't get a lot of relief when it drops to 70s and upper 70s at that. relief in the forecast i will show you in a few minutes. welcome news for the final flight of the space shuttle program after worries a piece of space junk might threat on the only space walk planned, flight controller say the former soviet satellite will stay 11 miles away.
5:25 pm
the shuttles unload add year's worth of groceries on to the international space station used a robotic arm to move a container packed with 5 tonnes of food, clothes and spare parts. >> imagine being the most hated company in the country? one local utilitity walks away with that distinction. plus the perfect way to keep cool in the summer sun but is the water park just a breeding ground for germs? what you need to know to keep the kids from getting sick in tonight's health alert next  the people who walked these streets before us
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were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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friday's dismal jobs reports hanging over the country. the question being asked where are the jobs. some answers mel. >> well, brian there are two reasons for lack of hiring uncertainty and lack of
5:29 pm
confidence here are sobering statistics to have 1400 small business owners surveyed for the chamber of commerce only 20% think america's best days are ahead of us, 80% don't plan to hire next year, leaving little optimism the jobless rate stuck above 9% will go down any time soon. jessica johnson running her family's new york security business, says it is not easy to be an employer right now. >> it is much harder than i thought it would be even though i grew up in the business knowing the day today operations, what was required, number of checks you have to write and responsibility for employees was overwhelming when i first came in. >> her company is hiring uncertainty about taxregulations about the new health care bill keeps them from expanding more. >> there is so much uncertainty and what the potential costs and expenses will be we don't even know how to plan long term
5:30 pm
beyond 2012. >> with the economy stuck in neutral, uncertainty and lack of sales are the main hold up to companies bringing more people onboard. tom donohue, ceo of the u.s. chamber of commerce says there are several things capitol hill can do to get america back in gear some you have heard before others are a bit more controversial like hiking the gas tax for the first time in 18 years, donohue says the revenue has dwindled and many people could be put to work rebuilding our infrastructure. >> under these circumstances it is not unreasonable to suggest that we phase in a modest increase in the gas tax overtime. >> and stop sending tax dollars to keep people in homes they can't afford. donohue said stopping up forclosures fast is the best way to help the housing market recover. right next to uncertainty the survey found business owners are most concerned by america's debt the chamber strongly believes we can't cut the
5:31 pm
credit line yet. >> congress needs to raise the debt ceiling and must do so without delay. it is an unfortunate reality, but it must be done. failure to do so would have grave consequences, for main street businesses and every family in this country. >> among the chambers main points they would like to see stream lining, regulations they would like to see more investment in domestic energy sources and also like to see congress pass three pending free trade agreements the chamber believes we should do more to promote u.s. travel and tourism to bring international customers to spend some of their cash here. >> sounds like a good plan. thanks mel. debate over who will take the reigns in dcs department of rehabilitation services will come down to the wire they will vote on it tomorrow there are questions tonight about the man up for a job acting director neil stanley, live from the
5:32 pm
wilson building, councilman jim grey ma'am thank you for being with us -- graham thank you for being with us tonight. >> reporter: delighted. >> why is neil stanley not the man for the job? >> reporter: because the jury is out and the jury in this case is an investigation by the department of human resources which is already taken serious action, it has taken away the dyrs hiring authority for one year spending employees without -- suspending employees without pay because of the way the superintendent was hired, now, he is involved -- >> okay councilman graham we are having trouble hearing you i was trying to adjust my ifb here clearly we are having audio issues we will fix this and come back to you because this is an important issue about the department of rehabilitation services we want to get to the bottom of this we
5:33 pm
know you have a vote tomorrow. we will come back to you in a little bit. we have a consumer alert tonight got to be embarrassing to pepco the utility is the most hated company in the country, according to the american customer satisfaction index business reports their rating declined 16 points from the previous year they beat out companies like delta, comcast, bank of america for the number one spot. pepco responded with a statement reading, while we certainly believe this label is over the top, we have heard our customers loud and clear and are working hard to upgrade our system. we are committed to upgrading and modernizing our system through hard work and advanced technology. >> maryland health officials worried that a patient might have exposed others to measles now a month after the warning went out to the community the state department of health says no one else contracted the disease the office is still warning everyone do make sure they are up-to-date with
5:34 pm
measles vaccinations, the disease is highly contagious and there are reported outbreaks in other states. here is something to thing about the next time you head to the water park more than 10,000 people a year get sick from infections picked up at those parks, cock tores say the best -- doctors say the best way to reduce infection, take a shower before splashing around >> everything is big inner texas this perhaps stakes the cake. we will introduce you to a 16- pound newborn boy coming up next. >> fans at a baseball game got an unexpected surprise don't miss the kid who stole the show still ahead
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we want to get back to that debate over who will take the reigns over dcs department of services and go back out live to councilman jim graham.
5:38 pm
councilman, give us once again in a nutshell so our viewers can hear you why you don't think neil stanley the acting director is the guy to take over the reigns permanently. >> reporter: well, we wonder about his experience with juvenile justice issues, but in addition, there is an investigation pending right now, by the dc department of human resources, into what roll he played for a very special treatment in terms to have hiring of the new superintendent of new beginnings, which is a secure facility. >> you are alleging that the job qualifications were edited for him to hire some body he knew socially is that what the allegations are? >> i think captain bains has a good background but the question is does he have it for this job and the description was edited as a direct result of fitting the pd to the candidates background this is the subject of a lawsuit,
5:39 pm
subject of an investigation. we should wait on this confirmation until we know for sure what has happened >> i understand the dc department of human resources was supposed to get back to you last month with the result of this investigation that has not happened? >> well, they have given me preliminary recommendations, and that just makes me more suspicious because as a preliminary recommendation they will take away hiring authority, for one year and suspend employees there without pay so that tells me something very serious is happening. >> let's get to the bottom line here the committee on human services voted last friday you sit on that committee correct? >> chairman. >> voted last friday to disprove of mayor grey's nomination of neil stanley why wouldn't have that vote in committee have put all this to rest? >> well, because it has to go before the full council, and there is no question about that, but you know, he -- we
5:40 pm
really need this information in order to take the kind of informed action that the council should take. >> can't you just vote tomorrow, the council vote tomorrow and then it is a done deal? does majority of the council believe this guy should not be the director? >> i don't know but i do know this, we don't have the information from this investigation and i am very uneasy about putting this issue before the council without it. >> all right the vote happens tomorrow and jim graham will look to follow up. appreciate you joining us thank you. >> thank you. everything is bigger in texas, lone star newborn no exception he tipped the scale at 16 pounds, 1 ounce birth on fly day he is about 2 feet -- friday he is about 2 feet long his mom delivered him via c section. doctors thought he would weigh around 12-poundings right now he is in neo- natal intensive
5:41 pm
care but should go home next week. >> a kid a little bigger than that took the ballpark by storm seattle before the 4th of july holiday and now the video has gone viral. take a look. >> isn't he good? this little guy is 7 years old and does he ever know how to move to michael jackson's famous thriller dance from the video knows every move to that dance which by the way is about 20 years older than he is. so clearly he has been catching up on youtube and on the rocking out to the ole oldies that would be the oldies. >> he is good any way. >> that is good. hot and steamy, humid had enough of the summer weather. >> any relief from the heat? sue is on deck with your forecast 
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5:45 pm
>> want to check back on the breaking news, updates on the situation in montgomery county, i-270 shut down if both directions, traffic back up as a result shut down because of a natural gas leak in that area, this is near the clarks burg exit construction crews reportedly struck a 6-inch gas main some time after 4:00 p.m. today fire crews working to cap that leak checking out surrounding neighbourhoods trying to make sure it is safe make sure there are no evacuations necessary no word when the road will reopen commuters are being detoured if a loved one is coming home late now you know why. that is not fun in this kind of heat. >> no. >> air conditioner can only work so hard. >> that's right when the car is not moving. yikes there will be some over heated vehicles and people that is a shame. >> yeah. >> one more day of worse.
5:46 pm
>> one day a little worse then everything starts getting better by better i am talking, reduced to 90. so definitely -- >> 97% humidity. >> that will be the best part of the forecast that will be dropping as early as wednesday. >> good. >> not tomorrow and not tonight it is sultry we will keep the steam bath going through the night and during tomorrow and i think probably the most important thing about tonight those air conditioners will need to keep running if you don't have one you will need to find some place to stay cool we will be close to 830 in a lot of spots overnight and the best we can hope for is a spotty to isolated thunderstorm, to cool us off a little bit high today, 95 degrees, dulles, 94, these are not records, records could be broken tomorrow though we have one more scorcher and then some heat relief that will be coming in we believe wednesday, the temperature drops humidity should be notably lower these are temperature records tomorrow, record high 99 regan
5:47 pm
national and dallas and bwi, these could be broken tomorrow this real hot tuesday, there is a heat advisory issued noon until 8 see the counties in orange effected. it does not include louden or frederick and points north and west we thing you will get a bit of cloud cover and per happen as cooling thunderstorm out there, per happen it is rest of us will feel like 105 degrees you know what it already feels like that in many spots this afternoon 93 degrees in the district, a little cooler near water annapolis getting a break 88 degrees, fredericks burg 95 and haggers burg 95 and feels like 104 dc 116 for fredericks burg prepare for this and maybe temperatures a little higher than this, what the feels like will be for your body could be a couple degrees warmer than that be aware of that. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm we have only had a
5:48 pm
couple tiny cells trying to pop up check out this huge complex we are watching come flu western pennsylvania diving down -- through western pin sylvania and diving down to the top. high lands could see an isolated storm and one for the rest of us depending what this cluster does more likely to sink to the south and west join us tonight at 10 we will let you know what is going on with that our future cast is picking up on that complex shows a couple showers coming through late tonight we run into 11:00 p.m. perhaps the activity is over but can't rule it out early tomorrow morning a bit of a left over instability and a little trigger in the atmosphere again tomorrow afternoon not showing a lot with our future cast tomorrow afternoon but we do believe the ingredients could be there for isolated scattered thunderstorms and showers and then again on wednesday, even as our front slips on through and brings in less humid air we may still pop a shower here and there but most of that would be west of dc and then after that, we are in for a number of days,
5:49 pm
lots of sunshine and temperatures much more reasonable and closer to average. check out temperatures tonight though, a big deal, 76 arlington, 79 baltimore not a lot of relief, means we start on that real warm note tomorrow and check out the temperatures we think easily town 98 degrees -- easily up to 98 degrees some places could hit that century mark 97 warren on the, 98 alexandria and baltimore. a spotty shower here and there but isolated, best chance west and south, 77 degrees, tomorrow we expect to have a heat advisory again feeling like 105 degrees kicks in at noon, near record heat if not breaking those records with a thunderstorm possible 97 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 82 feeling like 88 degrees by noon we feel like 102 with temperature of 94 by 5:00 p.m. feels like 106 if not warmer. here is your 5 day forecast, where is the relief? check out wednesday we drop to 90, and that is a big deal because humidity should start
5:50 pm
to get out of town too then we are back in the comfortable 80s lower humidity for thursday, friday and saturday. we will redeem most of this week but wow when humidity comes into town yikes we need to call a recess. we have not had a lot of that this summer. >> you are right it has been worse in other years. >> it is due. >> we have to take our licks. >> we are built on a swamp. >> exactly. >> thanks sue. reunion could be in the works for arnold schwarzenegger and the son he had out of wed lock, harvey what is the latest with this one? >> well, they have talked on the phone, arnold and patty have spoken on the phone several times since the scandal broke they have not met there are reports sought saying they have met they are shot but they are talking about that, not just meet being the baby mama but meet being joseph the son as well so there is you know
5:51 pm
discussion, but so is far no action. >> meanwhile maria shriver is out with a -- out with the old in with the new? project that she is working on a book? >> well, no, but pretty much her life right now she is out with the old her marriage out with their old home she bought a $10 million home near the family home in brent wood california, and she is tearing it apart being redone, and we have pictures up on the website that kind of show the interior of it but she is pretty much doing everything it is a very big house 11,000 square feet, 8 bedrooms, its you know -- she will be living in grand style but remember too, mariah, when everything is -- maria, when everything is split up should be worth $200 million herself. >> right. 50/50 split. what is her relationship like with arnold do you know?
5:52 pm
>> yes, i do. it is very amicable one reason she is insisting that it be so is maria fiercely cares about protecting her children and she is determined -- and he is too, to make this divorce friendly so far all signs are that is exactly what it is going to be. >> harvey levin look for you guys 6:30 p.m. here on fox 5. coming up tonight at 6, president obama pushes for a deficit reduction deal find out why lawmakers are being warned not to wait until the last minute. >> fbi involved in felicia barnes murder investigation new clue that is could help break this case wide open. >> hometown hero helps u.s. prevail in women's world cup hear from the proud coach who watched his pupil kick the game winner  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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the white house announced first lay can i michelle obama will -- lady michelle oh bomb ma will attend the -- obama will attend the funeral for betty ford. mrs. ford never forgot the brick house where she raised her children. >> reporter: they lived in this house on crown view drive in alexandria for 23 years while gerald ford was in congress through his vice presidency even ten days into his presidency. today helen lloyd and her family call this brick house in the clover neighbourhood of alexandria home it sits just over the hill from a park, dedicated to the former first family's memory, a place where the ford children used to play. >> helen treasures some of the things left behind by the fords, including pieces of the original kitchen floor and parts to old tile from the pool
5:57 pm
that used to be in the backyard. there are newspaper clippings from long ago even some visitor passes to the hill. >> one of them is signed by gerald r ford and for his son, to get in and go and look around the house and senate. >> the homeowner says mrs. ford actually kept in touch she sent this family snapshot just two weeks ago. >> she sent us a photo, a photograph, original photograph of betty ford in the garden with susan ford and steven and the other two, jack and michael and president ford in the background. >> mrs. ford also kept in touch with the new homeowners about her beloved garden. >> mrs. ford sent an e-mail through susan ford about six months, nine months ago, and she wanted to know how her
5:58 pm
camilia bushes were doing she is an avid gardener and still interested in how they are doing and how the garden is. >> the lloyds discovered something else they had a pet alligator legend has it that alligator's final resting place is in the backyard. >> we haven't yet managed to find it but did ask the ford family about it and to find out where it might be they couldn't quite remember where they buried it but as sure us it is in the garden somewhere. >> they moved out of this home in 1974 for their new residents 1600 pennsylvania avenue but their presence can be felt all through this alexandria home a well documented chapter in a not too distant past. alison seymour, fox 5 news. a private funeral for betty ford is planned tomorrow in palm desert california where the ford's retired after public life. former first lady rose lynn
5:59 pm
carter will deliver a eulogy, wednesday the casket travels to grand rapids for a private burial wednesday to be buried alongside her husband. pressure is mounting and days are running out as republicans and democrats try to reach a deal to raise the nations debt celling the august 2nd deadline is more than two weeks away if a deal cannot be reached the u.s. could default on loans for the first time ever as the clock tickets president obama spelling out his position and hosting another round of negotiations and key members of both parties. now the very latest tom where do we stand? >> where they stand now brian is dead locked the main stumbling block is taxes obama administration wants to raise taxes on wealthy

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